Lovinkit Tattoo was founded in 2013. It is located in the heart of Sham Shui Po, an area that is transforming from a working-class neighbourhood to an upcoming hip and creative area filled with local craftsmen studios, vintage bike rentals, backpackers and more. Enjoy our passion and hope to see you soon!

一本屬於香港嘅紋身故事書 << 墨子--紋身的背後>> A Book about the tattooed people in Hong Kong!

Jayers: I'm super excited to announce that the book I've been working on will be available for sale in ALL BOOK STORES IN HONG KONG on 14thJuly 2015. Go get a copy! Thank you so much for those who have took part in this project, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. We all made this happen together. I'm not sure how many copies I can get myself so please do get one at a book store! If you're attending the annual book fair this year on 15-21July you can also get it there at Joint Publishing's booth (三聯出版社)! Thank you once again for all your help, blessings and support!