Lovinkit Tattoo was founded in 2013. It is located in the heart of Sham Shui Po, an area that is transforming from a working-class neighbourhood to an upcoming hip and creative area filled with local craftsmen studios, vintage bike rentals, backpackers and more. Enjoy our passion and hope to see you soon!

Hygiene and Aftercare

Lovinkit Tattoo is a modern studio with highly trained professionals who adhere to the strictest of sterilisation procedures. All needles are single-use. All tattoo pigments we use are imported from the U.S.A. or Europe directly and passed the safety regulations in their respective manufacturing countries. The studio is smoke free with a separate area for smokers who wish to ease their nerves before a tattoo or simply to chill.

Can I shower after getting a tattoo?

Yes you may shower on the same day. We recommend you to shower at least 3 hours after you get your tattoo.

Can I use soap when I shower?

Yes you may but please do NOT apply soap DIRECTLY on your fresh tattoo. Treat your new tattoo as you would for a new wound. You may shower normally with soap when the tattoo wound is healed, which roughly takes two to four weeks.

How long does a tattoo take to heal?

Your tattoo is a fresh wound. It will usually take two to four weeks for it to heal. During this period of time we strongly recommend you AVOID to do the following:


Bathing in a tub

Going to sauna/ hotspring


Working out the area involved (e.g. if you have a fresh tattoo on your arm you do not want to go weight lifting before it heals up, while casual running is fine, sweat is not a problem given you would shower or clean up the area involved right after)

Picking the scabs

Scratching your new tattoo

Will my tattoo scab?!

Yes it will. And it may look weird and ugly when it's scabbing. Please do not panic. Let it heal and let the scabs fall off your skin naturally. Meanwhile please keep applying the tattoo aftercare lotion we give you at the end of your tattoo session. If you need more tattoo aftercare ointment you can purchase them at our studio. It will look nice a few weeks later when it's healed.

Can I work the next day?

Yes. Unless your job involve immersing in water or vigorous body movements which involves your newly tattooed body part. If you work in an office you most likely can work the next day without any problems.

Can I drink alcohol before, during, or after the tattoo session?

Please do not drink 24 hours before and after your tattoo session. Alcohol thins your blood and can make the tattooed area bleed and/or swell more than it should.

What should I wear after getting a tattoo?

If your new tattoo is on a covered body part please try to wear loose clothing made of soft materials. For example, wearing jeans after you have a thigh tattoo is not recommended-sweat pants or shorts are much better choices.

What will happen if I stretch my new tattoo?

Blurring might occur, especially tattoos with fine lines. If you stretch your new tattoo intensely before the tattoo wound is healed it can result in blurring of the tattoo. i.e. you should try to avoid playing basketball or push up if you just had an arm tattoo until your tattoo heals up, which takes roughly 2-4 weeks.

My tattoo stain my clothing is that normal?

Yes. Your new tattoo may stain you clothing during the first few days of healing. Try to wear something dark so you won't ruin your garment.

Are there complications?

A tattoo is a wound after all. There's always the risk ofinfections, especially if you don't take care of it according to our aftercare directions. If you find your tattoo taking too long to heal please contact us. We can give you advices.

It doesn't happen often and if it does, usually it simply takes longer to heal. Sometimes colours may fade if  infection occurs during the healing process. But again, if you take care of it the way we tell you, it seldom happens. If the situation is bad we may recommend that you to seek medical advice, but this is very rare. 

Is tattoo bad for my skin?

The tattoo itself, once healed, is not bad for your skin.  A tattoo is essentially a series of punctures that insert dye into different levels of the skin, so it is by nature an invasive process. When done correctly and in a sterile environment, complications are uncommon, and for most people the only immediate discomforts is bleeding or pain.

It's important to keep potential complications in mind.  One potential risk is a bacterial infection at the tattoo site. Symptoms of this include redness, warmth and a pus-like drainage. You may also have a reaction to the tattoo, in which bumps called granulomas or excessive scarring may appear. Some people may have allergic reaction to the types of dyes used in tattoos. Through out the years we have found that some brands of tattoo pigment or some particular colour of a particular brand tend to cause more complications. We do not use those pigment at Lovinkit Tattoo.

I heard that if tattoo equipments are not sterilised properly I can get HIV, is that true?

Yes. Infections such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, tetanus or HIV can spread if an artist uses dirty equipment. At Lovinkit Tattoo all needles are single-use and all reusable equipments is autoclaved. Needles and tubes are removed from individual sterile packaging before every tattoo job in front of your eyes. 

Be sure to follow all instructions from our tattoo artists in order to ensure proper healing. If you keep these potential risks in mind and carefully select your tattoo shop, a tattoo can be a safe form of body art.

Do you offer free touch-up?

Yes we offer free touch-up right after your tattoo heal if needed, not after months/years of wear and tear. But if you haven't been taking care of your tattoo and caused major damage to your tattoo we may need to charge you for a touch up. Please contact us for more information.

Tattoo DOs and DON'Ts



1.      Do NOT soak the tattoo with water/liquids. (No hot-tubs, baths, swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, salt/fresh water, etc. for a minimum of 14-20 days.) Water should only contact the tattoo when you are washing it.

2.      Do NOT apply anything else to the tattoo other than what your tattoo artist has given/instructed you to use. (NO alcohol/peroxide. NO questionable creams/sprays. NO unsanitary/unlaundered materials/objects.)

3.      Do NOT rub, pick or scratch the tattoo. (Do NOT touch the tattoo unless you are washing and/or applying cream. (with freshly washed hands)

4.      Do NOT starve the tattoo of fresh air. (Using too much cream can starve the tattoo of air as well.) Expose the tattoo to clean air as often as possible. 

5.      Do NOT let blood dry on the tattoo.

6.      Do NOT use any clothing/bandage that will stick to the tattoo.

7.      Do NOT drink alcohol for 24 hours before or after the tattoo is applied. (Alcohol thins blood, causing more bleeding, which will draw more of the tattoo’s pigment out of your skin.) 
Avoid tanning beds for at least 6 weeks and when tanning use a quality sunscreen (SPF 45) on the tattoo. 

8.      Do NOT share cream with ANYONE.


1.      REMOVE TATTOO BANDAGE WITHIN 24 HOURS.  Your tattoo artist will give you personal instructions as different situation can be slightly different.

A ) Wash your new tattoo with cold water when you shower.
B ) Air dry the tattoo to evaporate the water from the skin. (Do NOT use a blow dryer.). Patting/dabbing the tattoo dry with a clean, smooth towel, or paper towel is acceptable only when necessary. (Air drying leaves no material behind on the tattoo.) 

3.      Apply only a thin layer of cream to the tattoo and rub it in. Do this after it has air-dried. 

4.      Always use laundered (clean) bedding/clothing when protecting the tattoo. (Cover the tattoo ONLY when necessary.) 

5.      The tattoo will dry out, peel, and flake, these are normal steps in the healing process. 

6.      Store your cream in cool place.

***Remember - after getting a tattoo, the outcome of the appearance of your tattoo in relation to how it appears when it's freshly done is entirely in your hands. The more you take care of it, the better it will look in the future. The healing of your tattoo should progress as time passes. If you have ANY questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.