Lovinkit Tattoo was founded in 2013. It is located in the heart of Sham Shui Po, an area that is transforming from a working-class neighbourhood to an upcoming hip and creative area filled with local craftsmen studios, vintage bike rentals, backpackers and more. Enjoy our passion and hope to see you soon!


Each artist at Lovinkit Tattoo has his or her own style. We always recommend that those seeking skin-art research their intended artist. That is how you get a realistic expectation of how your new tattoo will look like. Feel our passion and enjoy our work! 

Jayers Ko - Tattoo Artist

Founder of Lovinkit Tattoo. Jayers started tattooing in 2008. She studied psychology at university and understands the importance of listening. She spent a lot of time over the last couple of years to explore and redefine her tattoo style and philosophy. She is most fond of doing expressionism tattoos at the moment.

" I always try to combine my clients' ideas and stories with my style and vision. When I finish a tattoo that I am happy with I can see it dancing on the skin. I look forward for the tattoo to experience the wearer's life together. In order to create something like this, my client and I need to share strong mutual trust and both be open-minded," she says.

Jayers loves to travel both for tattooing and leisure. In 2019, she is attending Taiwan (Kaohsiung) Tattoo Convention (22-24 March), Macau Tattoo Convention (14-16 June) and Winnipeg Tattoo Convention (16-18 August).

"I believe that my life and art is a journey," she says. "I feel that my work changes as I travel and grow. Recently I also started collaborating with different artists to create tattoos and other art projects. The experience has been very inspiring so far and I look forward to more of this."

In 2015 Jayers documented some of her work in <<墨子----紋身的故事>> , a Chinese-language book that documents many of the tattoo stories in Hong Kong. It was published by Joint Publishing. It is currently sold out but you can find it in the Hong Kong public libraries.

She is currently working on her second book.

Alan Yu - Tattoo Artist

Alan started tattooing in 2013, and has turned tattooing into his passion and career at Lovinkit tattoo. He specialises in geometrical and mandala designs, as well as American traditional tattoo style, also know as the old-school style in Hong Kong.

"A tattoo isn't just a tattoo," he says. "Tattoo is a lifestyle to me. It documents stories and moments of life."

"René Descartes said,' I think therefore I am' - that means there are one hundred different personalities beneath one hundred tattoos," says Alan. "There are so many thoughts and so much time and effort involved in the making of a single tattoo. Tattoos are perceived differently in different cultures, but I think what it means to the wearer is the most important - your tattoos shows your attitude towards life."

Alan was awarded with second runner-up in black and grey tattoo-of-the-day and second runner-up in female large black and grey tattoo at the Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention in March 2018. Alan also got three awards in the International Macau Tattoo Convention in June 2018. They are namely first runner-up and second runner-up in the Tribal/ Dot-work/ Mandala category, and second runner-up in the Full Sleeve category.

In 2019, Alan is participating in Taiwan (Kaohsiung) Tattoo Convention (22-24 March), Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show (19-21 April), and the International Macau Tattoo Convention (14-16 June). He is also guesting at Tatu Tattoo and Taylor Street Tattoo in Chicago in April, 2019.

Lexi Liu - Tattoo artist

Lexi majored in animation and digital design in university. Her passion lies in creating illustrative and surreal cartoon-characters. Upon graduation she worked as a graphic designer and realised she would like to work in an industry that interacts with people more directly. She stumbled upon tattooing by chance and immediately fell in love with this art form. After long consideration and extensive research she decided to quit her day job and started apprenticing at Lovinkit Tattoo in 2015. 

"The first tattoo on me was a graduation present for myself. It reminds me to stay passionate, hopeful,  and to work hard for what I believe in." says Lexi.

Lexi finds tattooing an extremely personalised industry. Every tattoo carries a different meaning, may it be a reminder, a souvenir, or simply something that the wearer likes.

"Tattoos stay with us our whole lives. They experience life and growth with the wearers. They age with us and accompany us even when we leave this world. Isn't that romantic?" she questions.

Lexi is going to attend Winnipeg Tattoo Convention (16-18 August) in 2019. She will also guest at Liquid Amber Tattoo and Art Collective in Vancouver in early August, 2019.

Topher - Body Piercer

Topher is currently away and plans to come back for a short period of time in September of 2019.

Topher is a bloodborne-pathogen certified professional piercer.  He started getting into body modifications in 2009. It began when he started watching documentaries on Steve Haworth, who invented and pioneered the way to sub-dermal and transdermal implants. Shortly after, Topher came across a shop who offered him an apprenticeship. From then on he began piercing and worked on perfecting his craft. He does everything from basic lobe piercing to micro-dermal implant.

"Working as a professional piercer in the last 6 years, I spent a lot of time trying to find inspiration from other piercers local and worldwide and making connections with tattoo artists such as Jayers Ko, which is what inspired me to join Lovinkit" he says.

Topher continues," Lovinkit complies with the strictest hygiene standards. The shop has a medical grade autoclave of which I can use to sterilise all my tools and jewellery before I pierce my clients. Many may not realise but hygiene is extremely important for piercings too, alcohol wipe or bath are definitely not enough."

All needles are single-use. We also carry a saline wash spray as aftercare for piercing. Happy piercing and healing!

Mike Chan - Tattoo Apprentice

Mike started apprenticing with us on 8th July, 2017. He did his first tattoo on client on 29th October, 2018.

“I’ve always liked to doodle as a kid, but it was the tattoo culture and creativity that motivated me to pursue drawing properly.” he says.

Over the last two years of apprenticing at Lovinkit Tattoo, Mike has found passion beyond comparison to his previous experiences in life. 

Mike continues, “ I feel content and excited here. Sometimes it is because of the tattoo work I see here, sometimes it’s watching them tattoo, sometimes it’s simply being with the crew here on a daily basis. I think it’s authenticity that I fell in love with.”

Let us all be more genuine and open to ourselves.